Interview with Bolt Signs – Mills on the Mic

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In this week’s episode of Mills on the Mic podcast, we’ll learn about how two Chargers fans got into their current business of selling custom sports signs (wood, acrylic). 

Host Jen Mills talks with BOLT-Signs and DESIGNBYJNB Founder/Owner Bryson Barnett and Jasmine Barnett. They share their story of how they became Chargers fans and started a small business.

Watch Full Interview:

Story Notes

  • Spotlight on a Fan and their Small Business
  • BOLT-signs on Twitter
  • How did you become a Chargers Fan?
  • Chargers Sign
  • Signs Price Range for Fans 
  • About the Small Business
  • Wooden Jerseys
  • Contracting Business
  • Who is your Favorite Player?
  • Jersey Number 21
  • The Bolt Fam

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