Interview with Colts Superfan Elias Otero – Mills on the Mic

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This interview highlights the story of the Colts 2021 Fan of the Year Elias Otero and his son Eli, how they become the Colts Fan of the Year and the backstory of the foundation they support. Let’s learn more about Elias Otero and his son Eli in this episode of the Mills on the Mic.

Story Notes:

  • Colts 2021 Fan of the Year
  • Super Fan
  • LUCHABLUE – Father and Son Duo
  • Alagille Syndrome
  • The Most Memorable Field Trip
  • Colts in Motion
  • Colts Organization
  • Importance of Parenting
  •  Fan of the Year Experience
  • Unique Fandom
  • Sharing Football Cards to the Kids
  • “The Game Is More Than Just a Game.”
  • The Lucha Effect

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