Interview with Corey Lamonte – Mills on the Mic

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Let’s join our host Jen Mills with guest Corey Lamonte, as we spotlight another amazing small business. Let’s learn more about Corey Lamonte and his business in this episode of the Mills on the Mic podcast.

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  • @coreylamonte on Instagram
  • How Do You Become a Chargers Fan?
  • Family Story About the Games and Teams
  • Amazing Chargers Chains
  • Being a Chargers Fan
  • Intricate Piece or Items
  • Heavy-Duty Items
  • Thunder Paradise
  • 18K Gold
  • Best Christmas Gift
  • Chargers Theme Wedding
  • Turnaround Time to finish the Items
  • Pricing of the Items
  • Handmade Custom Chains
  • Fundraising for a Fan

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