Interview with DC4L – Mills on the Mic

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This episode highlights the owner, designer and operator of the DC4L Custom Tees, Dan Conrad. He shares a little background of his custom tee shop, the story behind its name, and his inspirations for the designs he created. In this episode, let’s learn more about Dan and the DC4L Custom Tees.

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Story Notes:

DC4L Custom Tees
DC4LCustomTees on Twitter
Story behind the name “DC4L.”
Ship Worldwide
Chargers Items & Designs
Turnaround Time for the Custom Tees
 Rules for Designing
Ekeler Shirt Design
Herbert Shirt Design
Towel and Blanket
Chargers Shoes

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To learn more about Dan and the DC4L Custom Tees, please visit:
Website: https://www.dc4lcustomtees.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DC4LCustomTees

Connect With Jen on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JenniferMills21