Interview with Dr. Marla Lujan of Lujan Labs

In this episode of Teal Talk Podcast, Megan Stewart talks with Dr. Marla Lujan, Associate Professor in the division of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University and PCOS researcher. Megan and Marla discuss Lujan Labs and its research and studies about PCOS.

The Lujan Laboratory investigates the link between nutrition, metabolism and reproductive physiology in women. Specific interests include elucidating the pathophysiological mechanisms that to lead amenorrhea (loss of regular menstrual cycles) in women, as well as improving the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) across the reproductive lifespan — a condition of impaired fertility that is tightly linked to insulin resistance and excess male hormone production.

Story Notes:

  • Researches About PCOS
  • The Lujan Lab
  • Common Myth about PCOS
  • Studies in Lujan Lab
  • Learnings about PCOS
  • Ovulatory Dysfunctions

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