Interview with Facebook’s First Advisory Board Member – Karl Jacob

In this show, Chirag Sagar Presents Interview with Facebook’s First Advisory Board Member – Karl Jacob

Karl Jacob is a serial entrepreneur who has been building, advising and investing in companies for the last 20 years. He is currently co-founder and CEO at LoanSnap Inc. He has raised 23 rounds of financing from investors including True Ventures, Baseline Ventures, Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, Microsoft, and more. Many of his companies have had successful acquisitions including 4 successful exits to companies like Microsoft andAT&T, While CEO, Jacob has generated hundreds of millions in returns to investors and over $150 million in revenue per year. In 2005 he joined Facebook as one of its first advisors and currently advises several companies. Karl is a prolific angel investor and mentor to entrepreneurs. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from University of Southern California Engineering School where he sits on the board of counselors.

Show Notes:

  • Karl Jacob Journey to Entrepreneurship
  • How to Raise Capital in the Business Environment
  • The Movie: “Social Network”
  • Being a Mentor to Entrepreneurs 
  • Becoming the First Advisor to Facebook
  • How to Manage Risk within the Business

Mission Matters Authors Attended:

  • Chirag Sagar
  • Karl Jacob
  • Adam Torres
  • Joanna Pineda
  • Matt Cook
  • Magnus Carter
  • Victor Kostroub

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