Interview with Tobias Kuners of Koenders: Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and 5S; benefits to the organizations

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This interview explores the concepts of Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, and 5S practices. We’ll discuss how these philosophies have transformed manufacturing processes in today’s industrial age and how they can be used to improve efficiency and quality within a production system. We’ll also examine the costs and benefits associated with each of these approaches and discuss any challenges that companies may confront when adopting them. Finally, we’ll provide tips for implementing these practices into existing operations and offer advice on how to keep them running successfully.

Tobias Kuners of Koenders is an expert in Operational consultancy, Interim and Project assignments, including change management, turnarounds, maturing QMS, Supply Chain, and Assisting Private Equity & Venture Capital for Biotech, Cell & Gene, Radiopharmaceutical, and Medical Nutrition Facilities in Hungary, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Leading in periods full of ambiguity, delivering key milestones on time, in full, while growing the team and building key competencies at the same time. Managing third-party Suppliers & EPCM contractors. For Greenfield and Brownfield, working closely with local governments for environmental impact assessments, permits, and alignments with the immediate neighborhood. 

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