Introduction to the Unlocking the Decentralized Podcast

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In this episode of Unlocking the Decentralized Podcast, Host Abhi Soomaney talks about his background and the topics he will discuss on the podcast episodes. Abhi highlights the topics about the basic tax-related client issues, Common software solutions for DeFi & NFT, Calculation methods, and Tips on how to keep your crypto safe.

Watch Full Interview:

Story Notes:

  • Abhi’s Background
  • Major Topics in the Podcast
  • Basic tax-related client issues
  • Common software solutions for DeFi & NFT
  • Calculation Methods
  • Tips on How to Keep your Crypto Safe
  • Stock Market is Totally Different than Crypto Space
  • Tax Software for Cryptocurrency Transactions
  • Offsetting Losses Against Income Generated Token
  • Assisting Clients in all Types of Crypto Investments

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