Investing in a Down Market for the Customer and Advisor and Why They Should Be Aligned with William Webb, Jr.

Adam Torres and William Webb Jr. discuss investing in volatile times.

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Show Notes:

Investing in markets that are down a can at times be an uncomfortable thing for many. During these times it becomes even more important that the investor and advisor are aligned. In this episode, Adam Torres and William Webb, Jr., CCO of World Equity Group, explore the conversations that investors and advisors should be having during down markets.

About World Equity Group

World Equity Group is a full service, independent brokerage firm with corporate headquarters in Arlington Heights, Illinois. We are registered in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, and members of FINRA, SIPC as well as a Securities & Exchange Commission Registered Investment Advisor. 

World Equity Group was founded in 1991. Since then, WEG has been a relationship driven Broker/Dealer with integrity and service as the cornerstone, where advisors feel free to manage their practices their way. World Equity Group offers exceptional support, freedom and flexibility to our representatives.

In 1997, Richard Babjak and Robert Yarosz gained leadership of WEG.  While managing the growing firm, Richard and Robert have remained top producing financial advisors. Maintaining a client base and staying active in the business gives WEG management a Real World perspective of the wants and needs of today’s financial professionals.

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