Investing in Distressed Alternative Assets with Sonni Sabahi

Adam Torres and Sonni Sabahi  discuss investing in alternative assets.

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Show Notes:

  • Real estate
  • Mortgages
  • Investing

Equities get all the attention in the media. Following the stock market has become the new national pastime for many. Are you neglecting other assets classes that may also deserve your attention? In this episode, Adam Torres and Sonni Sabahi, Managing Director, ICM Capital Markets, explore investing in distressed alternative assets.

About Sonni Sabahi

Mortgage and real estate executive with broad experience in all aspects of credit, lending, collateral, marketing, default management, workouts, and pricing. Direct experience with due diligence, trading, and investment management.

My Mission

I will be defined by my unwavering commitment to my clients, partners and family.

It is my constant vision to build unrivaled partnerships with value for my clients through knowledge, creativity, and dedication.

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