Investing in Good Customer Endings with andEnd

Adam Torres and Joe Macleod discuss andEnd.

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Show Notes:

andEnd is the world’s first product ending business dedicated to helping companies create the best offboarding experiences (endings) for their customers. In this episode, Adam Torres interviewed Joe Macleod, Founder and Head of Endineering at andEnd. Explore the andEnd story and how it’s helping clients with the final stage in the product experience they give their customers.

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About Joe Macleod:

Joe’s career has spanned the leading web, telecoms and App companies, where he led teams and built a variety of successful products. Most recently as Head of Design at the award-winning digital product studio Ustwo – famed for the game Monument Valley. Here, Joe built the design team into a globally recognised success, working with the world’s favorite brands on some of the best products. 

In the last few years, Joe has turned his attention to problems in consumerism. Researching bias in the consumer lifecycle. And writing the Ends book. He then founded the world’s first customer ending business where he is the Head of Endineering. Joe is a regular speaker at conferences across the globe including TEDx. Wired said “An energetic Englishman, Macleod advises companies on how to game out their endgames. Every product faces a cycle of endings, from breakage to customer burnout to falling behind consumption trends. It’s important to plan for each of them. Not all companies do.”

About andEnd:

Businesses need help ending their customer relationships.Through writing the Ends book, and spending years researching this theme, andEnd believe businesses have an enormous problem with off-boarding in consumer relationships. Across digital, product and service sectors.

By improving consumer endings businesses can improve long term brand loyalty and presence, improve consumer experience, align with legal expectations, neutralize the negative aspects of consumption and raise business awareness of consumer behavior.

andEnd is the world’s first customer ending business. Raising awareness of the impact of endings through talks and training staff. Assessing the current state of the consumer lifecycle through audits. Advising, designing and delivering ends to improve the wider business and the consumer experience.