Investing is for Rich People with Jeff Mount & Mike Helgesen

Adam Torres and Jeff Mount discuss Jeff’s new book.

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Show Notes:

Investing was once reserved for the rich. But now opportunities have been democratized in many markets. With so much to choose from, how is an investor to know if they are making the right decisions? In this episode, Adam Torres and Jeff Mount, President at Real Intelligence and Author of Money Matters: World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Top Tips To Success (Real Estate Edition Vol.2 – Edition 2), discuss Jeff’s new book and how investors are benefiting.

About Real Intelligence LLC

Real Intelligence LLC delivers human-centric financial planning tools and advanced sales training to help the wealth consultant build a business around middle-class millionaires.

Financial plans are a critical component to an investor having a successful investing experience.  Investors have a purpose for the money they are saving, but often feel powerless to develop strategic foresight from the spreadsheet style output often presented in traditional financial plans.  Dynamic Mapping delivers an organized, visual method to evaluate financial plans from which strategic thought can begin.  This information encourages more constructive conversations with wealth consultants who are trained in the innovative method of Dynamic Mapping.  Add to this process a unique client service model often reserved for the very wealthiest families, and you have an experience that can engage middle-class millionaire families for multiple generations.

Starting in 2020, Real Intelligence LLC will begin training wealth consultants on a business model that is in high demand among middle-class millionaires.  The Dynamic Mapping app will be available at the end of January 2020 for free and available to anyone.  This very unique calculator will encourage sensible investing and is a great tool to open the Dynamic Mapping conversation with qualified wealth consultants.

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