Issuing and Managing Company Shares with Tomas Milar

Adam Torres and Tomas Milar discuss issuing and managing company shares.

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Show Notes:

Issuing and managing company shares is often a pain point for many startup founders. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Tomas Milar, Founder at Eqvista, explore how Eqvista is helping founders issue and manage company shares effectively. 

About Eqvista

Eqvista is sophisticated equity management software that allows companies, investors and company shareholders to track, manage, and make intelligent decisions about their companies’ equity. We enable seed-stage to pre-IPO companies to manage equity electronically. 

At Eqvista, we believe that our technology will ease the current system for share management, cap tables and company filings to a great degree. Our core value is to help our clients right from the inception of their company; that is, we’ll help you file your company with Delaware Division of Corporations, after which we’ll assist you with cumbersome work such as Issuing of shares for Delaware Entities, Cap table management and other tedious filings.

We have developed our platform which will affect the way every section of company filings work. What presently takes days will be done in minutes. Our approach and aim is to simplify the present difficult infrastructure and simplify it for companies.

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