Jake Resser: Creating A Culture Of Talent Development

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In this episode of the The Leaders Lab podcast, Host Ken Eslick interviewed Jake Resser, General Manager at Cintas Corporation. Jake knows how to hire, train, and develop outstanding leaders. In this episode I talk with Jake about being a shining star when it comes to leadership development in a company that is already known for doing just that.

Learn what Jake and his team do to attract, retain, and develop leaders and how they keep doing it year after year. Jake Resser is a General Manager for the Cintas Corporation at one of the largest locations in the country in Bedford Park, Illinois on the South Side of Chicago.

Jake began his career with Cintas 17 Years ago as a Management Trainee and has moved quickly through the ranks and has been a General Manager for ten years. Jake has received numerous operational accomplishments and awards but he is most proud of his talent development success. He has developed over 30 leaders to the Manager Level and another 8 to the GM/Director Level.

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