Jeff Bitton Walks Us Through His Innovative Referral and Networking Platform ‘Pitch59’

Jeff Bitton, CEO of Pitch59, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Innovation Podcast by Adam Torres.

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Jeff Bitton, CEO at Pitch59

Networking and business pitches have now become seemingly more important in the corporate world. Addressing this demand, Jeff Bitton, CEO at Pitch59, shares his exciting platform for virtual pitches and takes us through the exceptional features offered by the application.

To get through college,, Jeff got into the business world and explored the art of door-to-door sales. After starting and owning a couple of cleaning and restoration businesses later on, he always wished that all of his sales and marketing could have the personal touch that door to door provided, because people love to hire people they know, like, and trust.. Attributed to “real” and “more human”— door-to-door sales could also become the start of a great association. This led to the idea of Pitch59 and the modern way of pitching your products.

Watch the full interview:

Powerful Platform

In this presented demo, Jeff shares the available functionalities to make the platform more efficient and reliable. Pitch59 offers a new-age medium to pitch yourself, your service, or your cause to the world. Bitton saw significant potential in bringing tech to the door-to-door sales concept and creating a ripple effect of the method. 

Walking us through the product, Jeff started by introducing ‘PitchCards’ which are the main highlight of the application. These cards let you pitch everyone for up to 59 seconds. Owners, employees, nonprofits, and people looking for employment do these video pitches to lend a sense of human connectivity. Some of the most notable PitchCard features described by Jeff include:

  • Customers can leave real, video reviews and testimonials on PitchCards
  • PitchCards contain contact information, website and social media links, pictures, pricing/hours, and other details relevant to helping a customer make an informed decision.
  • FlipChat allows you to simply flip PitchCards over to chat with the owner.
  • The movability of cards gives an eye-grabbing visual effect that allows swiping the cards for convenient sharing and pocketing. Yes you can organize PitchCards into ‘Pockets’.

Defined Niches

Pitch59 proves to be a travel-sized website that helps people make quick and educated decisions. They also come with QR codes which can be scanned and put on print marketing. 

Jeff also emphasizes the ‘Pockets’ feature of the platform, which assists you in keeping all the similar category cards in one place. You can also create new pockets with different chapters and share them effortlessly with others.

Being efficient for records, the pitches are designed for four specified industries: Business, Employees, Non-profits, and Resume PitchCards. 

Amalgamating the traditional way of pitching with cutting-edge technology, Bitton envisioned Pitch59 to be relatable to people. With its power-packed accessibility and ease of navigation, Pitch59 is an astounding site and application available on both the Playstore and App Store. 

Jeff also shares an exciting offer for the first 10,000 users under his referral theme. Refer 5 of your friends to get a PitchCard, and your PitchCard will become free to use for life. If you enter the referral ID email address [email protected] upon signup, you’ll receive a significant discount on your own PitchCard.

Advice and What’s Next

Jeff advises new startups to focus more on networking and relationship building rather than marketing their products. Talking about the future, Bitton shares his plan of collaborating with colleges/universities to help their students get hired faster with free Resumè PitchCards, and helping businesses throughout the world become more relatable and human with Business PitchCards.. 

About Pitch59

Pitch59 provides a simple way that helps you market and get customers in 59 seconds. Your PitchCard is a video business card that sells for you. No paid actors, no professional commercials, just a REAL 59 second sales pitch from the individual or people in the company explaining why you should choose them or their service/product. 
Go to Pitch59 here to quickly create your own PitchCard and download their free app to share PitchCards and organize them in digital pockets.