Jeff Mendelson Launches “The One Big Tip” Podcast

Adam Torres and Jeff Mendelson discuss the recent launch of Jeff’s new podcast

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Show Notes:

  • Content creation
  • Automation
  • Social media

What if you could get “One Big Tip” from leading marketers and social media gurus? In this episode, Adam Torres and Jeff Mendelson, Creator in Chief at Effectivo.Social and Host of The One Big Tip podcast, explore Jeff’s new podcast format and how listeners will walk away with “Big Tips” in every episode.

About Effectivo.Social

Simply put, we make your business better. By putting yourself out there with interesting, ON BRAND and engaging content in constant circulation, you are letting the world see your business in its best light. We will populate your platforms with just the right amount of content to keep your audience consistently engaging with your business. Relevant content. Effective content.

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