Jeff Policard Launches The Getting Social Podcast

Adam Torres and Jeff Policard discuss Jeff’s The Getting Social Podcast.

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Show Notes:

New podcast alert! In this episode,  Adam Torres and Jeff Policard, CEO and President at Cool Ideas Marketing, explore Jeff’s new podcast, The Getting Social Podcast. 

About Jeff Policard

The great Jeff Bezos once said: “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”. He helps business owners, marketing managers and executives improve their brand presence and help them stand out in their ever growing world of business.

As an accomplished Marketing professional, he tends to see the world through a creative lens. Having that creativity allows him to think outside the box and help you make marketing and branding decisions that will generate positive results for your company. Some of the tools he use to do so include:

-Promotional Items
-Event Displays & Tradeshow Essentials
-Social Media Marketing
-Website Development

As a business owner himself, he know how difficult and time consuming it is to orchestrate a campaign, grow your business and manage that business all at the same time. His team and him, are here to help make that process as easy and simple as possible for YOU!

About Cool Ideas Marketing

Cool Ideas Marketing’s state of the art services are designed to offer any size business, whether a startup or fortune 500, the resources, ideas, tools and experience necessary to increase and improve their internet marketing presence. They do that using innovative, out of the box ideas to help your business look COOL!

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