Jeffrey M. Bundy and United Imaging are Changing How Medical Imaging Technology is Sold

Jeffrey M. Bundy, Ph.D, CEO of United Imaging Healthcare Solutions, was interviewed on Mission Matters Innovation Podcast by Adam Torres.

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With more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Jeffrey M. Bundy is working towards equal healthcare access for all via advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment.

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What mission matters to you? 

“United Imaging is partnering with academic physicians, and entrepreneurs around the country to change healthcare in the United States,” Bundy says. “What moves me is giving people access to healthcare that they’ve never had before, and that’s what we do at United Imaging.” One example of that focus, he explains, is making mobile digital PET/CT systems available in rural settings where they may not otherwise be accessible, in line with the company’s mission of Equal Healthcare for All.

Why are you considered a category disruptor?

“Bringing the right team of people together is the key to creating disruption,” Bundy says. “Because we have people who know how to do things differently, United Imaging can take a unique approach to innovation on the business side” as well as with the technology. By delivering fully-equipped systems under the company’s All-in Configurations program, he explains, any kind of facility can adapt and expand the care they provide in their communities. Similarly, the company’s Software Upgrades for Life program means that healthcare providers have some protection against the cost of keeping their equipment current. Those types of benefits have not been the industry norm but Bundy says that’s the kind of disruption United Imaging was built to lead. 

In other areas, “there’s a lot of technical innovation along the lines of hybrid systems, for example—faster imaging or more high-resolution imaging that can be applied to exciting fields such as theranostics,” Bundy says. Further, he explains, “Artificial Intelligence also improves image quality or lowers dose or decreases the amount of time a patient spends in a scanner.”

United Imaging: The company culture

Bundy reiterates that one of the best things about his job is his team full of thought leaders. 

The company’s kickoff moment in the US, he says, took place at a 2018 trade show in Chicago where few participants had heard of United Imaging. “Over time, we have made sure that we hit every mark and provide the best customer care we can, and that reputation starts to grow (over time),” he explains, noting that feedback has been largely positive as a result, with customers enthusiastically reporting how much they like working with United Imaging’s people. 

United Imaging currently has a presence in Europe, Middle East Africa, Latin America, and Asia. It is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year.

What’s next?

“We’ve gained a tremendous amount of momentum the past few years,” Bundy says. “We continue to innovate and keep changing the industry where it is appropriate and meaningful. We’re now accelerating even more…. So the focus is on looking straight ahead, hitting strategy marks, and not getting distracted by things off to the side. Keep the pedal to the metal, keep moving and shift gears at the right time,”  he concludes.

To learn more, visit https://usa.united-imaging.com/ and follow United Imaging North America on LinkedIn.