Jennifer Mills Launches Podcast with Mission Matters

Adam Torres and Jennifer Mills discuss Mills on the Mic.

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Show Notes:  

New podcast alert!  In this episode,  Adam Torres and Jennifer Mills, President of Med-X, Inc. and Host of Mills on the Mic, explore the Mills on the Mic podcast and how Jennifer has taken a passion for the Chargers and turned it into a way to give back to the community.

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About Med-X

Med-X, Inc. innovates, researches, and develops a variety of all-natural and alternative solutions to everyday problems. Currently, Med-X products provide effective nontoxic and 100% all-natural pest management products to cannabis cultivators. These same products are currently used widely in the pest control and hospitality arenas nationally. Through The Marijuana Times magazine, the media division of Med-X, we aim to educate and provide engaging articles and facts about the cannabis community.

Their mission is to advance the medical and recreational cannabis industry by educating the community and developing products that are safe, effective, and affordable.

With an all-star management team and experienced doctors at the helm, Med-X is blazing the trail of the green scene with products aimed at helping people to live better lives. Med-X, Inc. is already working on various stages of automation that will change the cannabis market forever.