Jeremy McCool, CEO at HEVO, Successfully Tests to SAE J2954 and UL Standards

Adam Torres and Jeremy McCool discuss HEVO.

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LOS ANGELES, CA, Dec. 3, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE): Jeremy McCool, Founder and CEO at HEVO, is interviewed on Mission Matters Business with Adam Torres.

In this in-depth interview, McCool provides insight into the current Electronic Vehicle (EV) landscape, which is disrupting the 100+-year-old automotive industry. With HEVO’s wireless charging units testing successfully for both SAE J2954 and UL Standards, the company is uniquely positioned to capitalize on wireless charging units’ demand. The tests are rigorous and include having the unit sprayed by a firehose from close range without any water getting into the device.   

“The SAE test is formidable. It took a month’s worth of time, 16-18 hour days, 7 days a week. It is one of the most incredible things I’ve gone through, and it took us 8 years to get up to that point. The UL test was also extremely challenging. Having a firehose pointed at the unit without a drop entering validated our years of work and effort. This success was a momentous occasion for our team.” – Jeremy McCool.    

HEVO units are produced in Austin, Texas, and are in massive demand. According to McCool, “We sold out of our 2021 capacity of 1,100 units within three weeks of announcing we’d passed the SAE and UL tests.” With the first year’s capacity sold out, McCool is in the process of raising capital to fund expansion for what he sees as a market with excellent growth potential. 

“We are on the forefront of what is coming next. It’s very likely that over time the public gas station will also convert part of its capacity to become public charging stations as well. But this doesn’t solve the problem. The real key is to create an EV charging network with people charging at their homes, work, and while shopping. That is what we are focused on.” – Jeremy McCool.

Aftermarket retrofitting for electric charging is a market that is wide open for HEVO. Nissan and Tesla have given HEVO the green light to install units on their vehicles without nulling the warranty, which could expand product adoption from plug-in to wireless charging rapidly. 

This in-depth interview provides insight into HEVO’s success, the importance of creating a quality product, and the EV market’s future. 


HEVO means Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Optimization. Our mission is to enhance electric vehicle driving, charging, and enjoyment through the HEVO Power Network, with the vision of serving as the global standard for universal, ubiquitous EV charging. The core values of HEVO are built into the letters of our name – Honesty, Effectiveness, Vision, and Optimism. We definitively believe in the three tenets of People, Planet, and Power, which exemplify our purpose as an organization and community of deeply committed innovators. 

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