Jessie Williams shares insights on how she transformed her passion into profits

Jessie Mary Williams, CEO of jmWilliams CPA, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast by Adam Torres. 

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As a kid, Jessie was always engrossed in every business management course she enrolled in. She knew that business was her ultimate goal but wasn’t sure how to start her journey. She took Accounting as her major and was amazed at how the numbers told a business story in terms of financial management. As she went through public accounting, she realized that path appealed to her. That was the beginning of jmWilliams, CPA, LLP. 

jmWilliams’ Expertise 

jmWilliams’ outsourced CFO services are derived from client relationships and really partnering up with clients to better help make important decisions about their business. . While Jessie started simply offering bookkeeping and tax services, she soon noticed that her clients always wanted more. jmWilliams’ CFO services grew out of this need, and are renowned for taking all major financial tasks off of the owner’s plate–like talking to the banks, negotiating deals, making sure that a certain vendor is the right one to go to, etc.

“If you break down the basics and put it into the language of accounting, you’ll realize that you’ll need a business partner to take care of everything financial so that you can focus on your goals. So that is where that CFO service came from,” explains Jessie. 

Along with CFO services, jmWilliams also emphasizes tax planning and tax returns services, especially for people thinking of financial planning. “We all pretty much have an idea about financial planning. jmWilliams aims to lessen business costs expenses, increase savings, and reduce debt for its clients, which include real estate businesses, private equity funds, and hedge funds. 

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jmWilliams’ Success Recipe 

The reason why jmWilliams has been successful in empowering various businesses is solely because of Jessie’s ideology. She says, “You’re a small business, I own a small business, we’re in it together. If there’s a part you need help with, I’ll figure it out for you. In this continuous process of experimenting, I’m improving.” Jessie is that partner who understands what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and take risks and get better day by day. She’s not from a conservative CPA background, and she knows when and how to take risks, that’s what makes her unique. 

Transition to Coaching

When you’re trying to find your calling in life, you try to match it with what the world needs or vice versa. While Jessie has excelled in delivering tax and accounting services, she was always passionate about teaching what she has learned. “One of the best things that I’ve done was invest in a coach; otherwise, my business would not be here today,” shares Jessie. 

Jessie’s six-week program takes you down from the basics to mastery. “You have all the materials forever, you’re going to have access to me through the six weeks, you get to speak one on one with me every week, and once a week we put you in a group, depending on how our larger group is. Having like-minded people around you is amazing!”

Jessie dreams of being a paid speaker one day. “My job is to solve problems for my clients and I’m glad that I’m able to solve people’s problems to some extent. However, there’s more to it. I want to help people gain a little knowledge before they start up,” shares Jessie.


jmWilliams CPA provides professional accounting services for business owners, executives, and independent professionals. If you are looking for a blend of personal service and expertise, jmWilliams is the right place to be. To know more about Jessie and collaborate with her, visit https://www.jmwilliamscpa.com/