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Host Brian Will talks with John Hipes, Business Attorney and Alpharetta City Councilman. John is a business litigation attorney with 35 years of experience providing goal oriented and cost effective representation in state and federal courts for small and large businesses. Areas of law practice include: insurance coverage, construction, debtor/creditor, employment, landlord/tenant, and shareholder/partnership disputes.

He is also an Alpharetta City Councilman and liaison to Alpharetta Public Safety Department. Active member of the local business, civic, faith, and charity communities for more than 20 years.

Story Notes:

  • About John Hipes
  • Built a Practice around Business People who get in Trouble
  • Common Things People tend to Get During your Practice
  • Getting a Contract in order to provide Clarity
  • Use Breach of a Contract to Renegotiate a Deal
  • Form a Business Entity
  • What is Piercing the Veil
  • Know your Banking Account and Insurance Person

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