John Howell on Design and Innovation of High-Speed Doors

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In this episode of the Cool Times Podcast, Vince Free and Jenna Free interviewed John Howell, Senior Project Manager at Fisher Construction Group Thermal Division. John has been in the Cold Storage Industry since 2010. He was a Territory Sales Representative at Rite Hite/Arbon Equipment Corporation from 1999 to 2010. He helped develop the FasTrax and Barrier Glider doors, which are still Rite Hite’s flagship high speed door products out in the market. In 2010 John joined Iso-Quip Corporation as a Project Manager eventually becoming Vice President.  Under the leadership of Dave Reinhardt they tripled Iso-Quip’s revenue between 2010 and 2017.

Fisher Construction Group has completed projects across the US, most recently completing ASRS Freezer projects in Indiana and Georgia as well as a 500,000+ sf combination freezer/processing facility in California. Fisher’s team of builders, architects, structural engineers, and food processing experts are known for building innovative facilities that are highly efficient and deliver on investment.

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Story Notes:

  • John Howell’s Background
  • Selling High Speed Doors
  • Creating High Speed Doors
  • Starting in Iso-Quip 
  • What does Fisher Do
  • Cool Moments in the Cold Storage Industry
  • Innovation in the Cold Storage Industry
  • What Excites you in Fisher
  • Why Buy from Fisher

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