Joint Ventures vs Syndication for Buying Real Estate with Jerome Myers, PE, MBA, PMP

Adam Torres and Jerome Myers discuss joint ventures and syndication.

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Show Notes:

There are many options for acquiring real estate. Some go at it alone while others use joint ventures and syndication to scale their operations. In this episode, Adam Torres and Jerome Myers, PE, MBA, PMP, Founder and Advisor at The Myers Development Group, explore joint ventures and syndication as a means for buying real estate.

About The Myers Development Group, LLC

The Myers Development Group, LLC is a service conglomerate that caters to the needs of a vast array of clients across a broad spectrum of industries. Our core competencies are rooted in business strategy ​construction engineering consulting organizational development. We apply these competencies as asset managers for residential and commercial projects across Virginia and North Carolina and as peak performance consultants to individuals across the country. Our team prides itself on being Efficient, Effective, and Economical while still developing complete solutions to our clients’​ complex challenges.

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