Jordan & Scott

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Scott Berman and Jordan Tritt, co-founders of the Panther Group, ask the question, “How do we leverage an ecosystem to assist growth stage cannabis businesses using our relationships and expertise?” 

Through the Panther Group, the team has answered that question with their core mission: to solve critical business problems that inhibit growth for companies in the cannabis industry. They provide fundamental solutions from growth marketing, business improvement, and capital raising. 

Now, the two founders have created the Joint Ventures Podcast. Berman and Tritt will engage a broader audience with this informative new podcast designed for current and future cannabis investors, entrepreneurs and innovators. The hosts will bring professionalism and industry insights with every guest. The topics will cover all aspects of the cannabis space, but through the lens of capital providers. 

“The cannabis industry presents a unique opportunity for private investors to access an asset class prior to institutional capital due to the federal versus state laws,” said Tritt. Join the hosts of Joint Ventures as they review the regulations shaping the industry as well as exposing the opportunities in the current and future state of cannabis commerce.

Thank you to Josh Wilson for coming on the show.

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