Joy Hammons Shares How Foreword Propels Executives Forward

Joy Hammons, Co-Founder, Foreword Inc., was interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast by Adam Torres.

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In this interview, Joy Hammons, Co-Founder at Foreword, describes her journey from the technology industry into executive leadership consulting. Among other highlights, Joy discusses how a person’s mission is driven by passion, and how it can lead to new opportunities.

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Joy believes in supporting people to help them pursue their missions in life. After spending 30 years in technology and becoming an expert in the field, Joy decided to switch to consulting. Meeting a kindred spirit with a similar career path, Cathy Tompkins,  led to the establishment of Foreword, a company that offers leadership development, executive coaching and strategy consulting to help companies and their employees adapt, learn, and prepare for what comes next. 

How does Foreword help people?

Foreword Consulting aims to coach clients into being the best they can be in whatever path they choose, Joy explains. For companies in a state of transition, Foreword’s interim leadership management services help enterprises get an edge over the industry and achieve desired results. 

In short, she says, Foreword helps people—and businesses—move forward. 

Foreword’s foundation is based on three main pillars: executive coaching, leadership development, and strategy consulting. The firm also works with executives seeking to boost their confidence, meet the moment and prepare for the future. 

Joy says her consultancy aims to be the most reliable guide for businesses looking to fill in growth and leadership gaps, and for individuals seeking to level up their careers, Foreword provides the sort of coaching that makes all the difference.

Is career transition a challenge?

It is normal or common to be hesitant to try something new but that is the only way to realize your full potential, Joy explains, because you already have your previous experience within your scope to back you up. “So try something new,” she advises. “Until you try something new, you will never be able to (fully realize) your inherent talents.  


The team at Foreword Consulting has been serving clients and organizations at every level for decades, whether as trusted advisors to critical executives or as one-on-one coaches with emerging leaders. At Foreword, the teams embrace a holistic approach to determine each client’s needs, from analyzing underlying business drivers to the final delivery and implementation details.

Visit Foreword Consulting to know more about their services and start your journey towards a brighter future today!