Juliet Huck Launches The Academy of Persuasion

Adam Torres and Juliet Huck discuss the recent launch of The Academy of Persuasion.

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Show Notes:

  • Sales
  • Sales training
  • Sales marketing
  • Online course

Sales are at the heart of every organization. With them, a company can thrive. Without sales, cashflow dries up leaving growth unlikely.  In this episode, Adam Torres and Juliet Huck, Founder of The Academy of Persuasion and Author of “The Equation of Persuasion” and “50 Ways to Get Your Way, ” explore best practices in sales and The Academy of Persuasion.

About Juliet Huck

Blazing a trail in the uncharted territory of Persuasive Communications, Juliet has been retained by some of the nation’s most prestigious corporations and law firms, moving billion-dollar projects forward and securing billions of dollars in decisions for over the past two decades.

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