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In this episode of South Jersey’s Main Street Real Estate Agent Podcast, Nancy Kowalik talks about the real estate industry, industry practices and the relationship behind real estate agencies. Explore what’s important in main street South Jersey and it’s world community.

Nancy, is one of South Jersey’s top real estate brokers and has repeatedly been named a Top Real Estate Agent in NJ. With $57 Million in sales in 2018, Kowalik has been consistently breaking her own records since she began in real estate over 12 years ago. Notably acclaimed for her superior marketing campaigns and 5-Star Service, Kowalik has been awarded several Major Achievement in Marketing Excellence Awards, including Best Marketing or Branding Campaign, Best Special Event or Promotion, and Best Realtor Promotion in 2017. Due to her top sales figures, she is listed in the Top 10% of American Professionals and consecutively awarded the NJ Realtor’s Circle of Excellence Platinum Sales Award.

Nancy Kowalik Real Estate Group is an award-winning, boutique real estate agency specializing in all areas of the South Jersey Real Estate Market. The agency has quickly been established as one of the area’s top independent agencies with $57 Million in sales last year. Nancy Kowalik Real Estate Group’s number one goal is to provide a 5-Star Client Experience in every transaction and to establish meaningful relationships with their ‘Clients for Life’.

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Story Notes:

  • What the Podcast is All About
  • Real Estate Industry
  • Relationships Behind Real Estate Agencies
  • What are Industry Practices 
  • What’s Important in Main Street South Jersey
  • South Jersey World Community

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