Kathy Hagler Elevates Organizations with Her New Book, Art of Scars

Kathy Hagler, the founder and partner of K2OHSolutions, was interviewed by Adam Torres of Mission Matters Business Podcast.

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Kathy Hagler’s aim is to elevate organizations by helping people and organizations heal.  She guides them to recognize their strength and scars, think and behave courageously, connect with others and deliver exceptional results to their clients.

Hagler’s interest in individual and organizational healing was sparked during her time as a community college dean in California.  She founded the Technology Exchange Center which ensured that Orange County’s workers were appropriately trained in their fields.  She established a process to connect them to the appropriate program in an unprecedented consortium of 10 community colleges.  They shared their resources to create the best program for students!

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Is there an overall formula to healing an organization’s culture, climate, and character?

All organizations want to become bigger and better for their clients,” Hagler says. “We’ve worked with large, medium and small organizations. A key commonality time and again, is an organizational misunderstanding of the role of culture and its effect on the climate, the work of the organization.”

“Regardless of the size of an organization”, she says, “each one houses the subconscious thinking, habits, and beliefs of all its people as it’s culture. K2OHSolutions understands this, assesses their culture though quantitative measures with Human Synergistics and guides their reciprocal improvement in their work areas.  Their former breaks and wounds become scars that heal and they become more unique and successful than they were before.”

“An organization is like a person. It’s a body of things, just like we’re a body of innumerable cells. Regardless of the size, there’re a lot of the same problems. So it’s been fascinating to me to just see how those issues display themselves in an organization.  Cells heal, not when they struggle, but when they snuggle together.  It is a collaborative effort to define vision, assure connectivity, guarantee people development, and maintain a relentless focus on the value for customers that drives their positive culture.”

It is an Art of Scars: Healing Organizational Culture, Climate, Character 

“When I began to realize that a person is like an organization, I could relate to the physical, emotional scars, and spiritual scars I had as a person,” Hagler says. “As I worked more through my career, I realized all these organizations had scars. Some wounds healed well, some didn’t. Once they could go through the proliferation stage, snuggle together, and celebrate their scars,  things start healing. I thought about how I could write about comparing individuals and organizations, and (Hagler’s book) Art of Scars happened.”

There is an Art of Scars:
STOP the broken thoughts and feelings.
COURAGEOUSLY calm your fears.
ALLOW  connectivity with others.
REINVENT  your plan and take the first step.
SHARE  your story.

To buy Art of Scars, find your copy at Amazon or visit kathyhagler.com.