Keeping Your Sanity While Networking with Chrystina Nguyen

 Adam Torres and Chrystina Nguyen discuss networking.

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Show Notes:

Networking can be a great way to earn new clients. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Chrystina Nguyen, Business Development Lead at Rhythmic Technologies, explore what it takes to network effectively with a focus on taking care of yourself.

About Chrystina Nguyen

Chrystina is a sucker for conversation. She’s an enthusiastic learner taking it day by day, especially now, she’d love to connect and learn something new together. Connection is key in this “new” normal world. She hopes you will check out who she represents. Rhythmic Technologies–A group of eager technologists providing the infrastructure to mature your DevOps and cloud processes in AWS. 

She is a leader of the Manassas Market for Net 2.0.–an educational based networking group that feeds my soul. She co-host the notorious Wine Wednesday Tech Networking group, a fun and social happy hour. She leads an information technology leadshare group in Loudoun County known as L.I.T. Leadshare. She co-hosts a GovCon networking group, Capital Business Development Association -the virtual events are dope. She co-hosts with DevOpsDc networking group, which is the go to meetup for DevOps in the area!

She is also a strong accounting professional with a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) focused in Project Management with a demonstrated history of working in the restaurant industry. She likes spreadsheets, good manners and food. Especially food. In her free time, she’s a traveling day maker beautifying one face at a time. Also, something not mentioned in her experience is her first job selling $1600 Kirby vacuums. She’s got wild stories about that.

About Rhythmic Technologies, Inc.

Rhythmic accelerates, secures and optimizes systems running in the cloud. Their mission is to enable their clients to leverage the cloud as a competitive advantage and crush their market. They provide the experience and resources to migrate, build and optimize in the cloud, allowing you to reduce cost, improve performance and availability, protect your reputations and get to market faster.

They are a small but passionate team of technologists who enjoy solving the most challenging problems by applying both cutting edge and traditional technologies to deliver big results for their clients. They take the responsibility their clients place in them seriously, but they also have fun and get to do what they love every day. They believe in empowering each and every member of their team to be a direct contributor to the growth of their company and the success of their clients. Follow them @RhythmicTech

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