Ken Eslick Talks About Matching Job Candidates with Perfect Roles

Ken Eslick, Founder & President at The Leaders LAB, was interviewed by host Adam Torres on the Mission Matters Business Podcast.

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In this interview, Ken Eslick shares how The Leaders LAB helps employers find ideal candidates and candidates find ideal jobs. 

What mission matters to you?

Eslick’s mission is to match candidates’ long-term compatibility with companies, matching jobseekers with roles they’re likely to fit into seamlessly. As a result, both employers and employees benefit and set themselves up for growth. 

How did you get started on this path?

The Leaders LAB founder explains that he owned a company in his early 20s and sold it in his early 30s; soon afterward, he realized his passion and strength was rooted in the art of talent acquisition. 

“I could see the hidden qualities in candidates,” he recalls, explaining why he started his own recruiting firm 10 years ago. His team has been helping organizations find exceptional talent, and vice-versa, ever since. 

Walk us through your vantage point of the recruitment industry.

A career is different from a job—it’s a long-term proposition, Eslick notes. When people focus only on money and not on culture, they’re adopting a short-term solution to a long-term issue. Further, he says, cultural compatibility is a two-way street: if a company’s selling point is purely financial with no focus on culture or vision, candidates will switch companies as soon as they find a better offer. If, however, a company qualifies candidates based on their skill set, cultural compatibility, character traits and odds of longevity, a long-lasting engagement is more likely. 

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What factors should candidates consider while applying for a job?

Eslick advises candidates to first assess what’s important to them culturally and break it down into several components including work-life balance, performance reviews, promotional track, for example. 

Company growth is also essential for career growth, he notes. A low-growth company can hamper employees’ growth as well. “Go to Google, research the company’s numbers—their quarterly earnings, growth rate, and other finances,” he advises, and says benefits and compensation should, of course, also play a role in the overall decision. Finding the right fit from all three perspectives can be a challenge, but that’s where The Leaders LAB comes into the picture. 

“You don’t want to argue with your potential employer about compensation or brag about yourself,” he says. “Hence, we set the stage by putting all your strengths forward—your rank, experience, salary history, educational level, level of performance —diplomatically and professionally, and lead the negotiation for you.”

Tell us more about The Leaders LAB.

The Leaders LAB is a B2B leadership recruiting company that primarily works with B2B recurring service companies, bringing with them decades of hands-on experience from frontline to VP. 

“Our sweet spot is filling Field Leadership roles like Sales Managers, General Managers, Directors, and Vice Presidents ,” Eslick notes. “A priority candidate for us is someone who is a full circle leader who is hungry for growth, has a student attitude, and does not turn a blind eye to their weaknesses.”

To learn more about The Leaders LAB, visit www.theleaderslab.co or connect with the team on LinkedIn.