Kristin Weis Launches the CoastalTalk Podcast

Adam Torres and Kristin Weis discuss CoastalTalk.

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Show Notes:

New podcast alert! In this episode, Adam Torres and Kristin Weis, Founder of CoastalTalk and Host of the CoastalTalk Podcast, explore Kristin’s new show.

About Kristin Weis

Kristin Weis is a sustainable development and peacebuilding specialist with expertise in social-ecological resilience and coastal and marine management. Her work aims to improve how we use and conserve our natural world, including the relationship between our local ecosystems and communities. She is the founder of Roskanet, which supports tourism models that benefit local communities and their local ecosystems. Her Smart Tourism project supports best practices for all of us when we travel as tourists.

Her popular Environmental Migration Workshop helps international peacebuilding professionals create custom responses to climate change threats, such as increasing resilience to rising sea levels and storm damage. Her workshops on sustainable development and tourism help conflict management professionals, peacebuilders, and policymakers identify goals and actions that they can apply in their own work. Ms. Weis holds a Master of Resource Management from the University of Akureyri and a B.A. in International Affairs from The George Washington University. 

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