Law Firms: Profitable Growth Made Easy with Sachin H. Bakhai

 Adam Torres and Sachin H. Bakhai explore law firm KPIs

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Show Notes:

Many lawyers would like to grow their practices but don’t know exactly how to accomplish this task. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Sachin H. Bakhai, Founder and CEO of LawKPIs, explore how tracking and managing the correct KPIs can lead to consistent growth. 

About Sachin H. Bakhai

Companies are drowning in data yet starving for insights. To be competitive in today’s economy, small and mid-size organizations need to grow and compete. It is essential to make data driven decisions to reduce the risk of failure. EZlytix helps executives feel the success, freedom, and peace of mind that come with predictable revenue using meaningful insights by offering analytics as a service. They were founded with a single vision – make business analytics Fast, Easy and Affordable for small and mid-size companies to compete in this global economy.

Just imagine the impact solid analytics can have on your business decision making:
-Know your most profitable customers, products, and regions
-Correlate with outside data
-Remove deficient salesforce, products, and regions or figure out a way to turn it around
-Driving pricing in accordance with risk
-Selecting profitable new markets to enter
-Attracting and selecting the right customers

1. Performance Management/Trends (Running Your Business)
2. Data Management – better data reports (Better Information)
3. Advanced Analytics – helps with day-to-day information flow (Strategic Focus)

Traditionally, it has taken months (or even years) to see analytics useful for your business. The process of purchasing a software solution, hiring a consultant to implement it, and training staff on what data is relevant for making decisions is simply too burdensome and expensive. Now, EZlytix has made it easy and very affordable for any business to implement a data management system. The EZlytix infrastructure is built in the cloud so companies can simply plug into the database and begin seeing meaningful, actionable insights within a week with KPI reports already built in the system. Let them help turn your Data into Profits using industry-focused and easy to use insights.

About EZlytix LLC

EZlytix is a Managed Analytics as a Service (MAaaS) company whose mission is to help users make better decisions by leveraging the power of data and automation. Organizations constantly struggle to leverage their data to get key actionable insights in every aspect of the business. EZlytix helps users identify outliers using Cloud-based Self-Service Business Analytics solutions. There ability to have multi-sourced data uploaded into a secure cloud database and then mapped to produce timely management analyses to highlight problem areas and opportunities.

In a span of two weeks, customers will have access to meaningful reports, trends, dashboards, and key performance indicators (KPIs) – all from one single, consistent and clean data source. Customers will have the ability to analyze sales and margin performance at any level provided in the data​: by market, the product line, product, salesperson, geography, etc. EZlytix offers an analytics solution that enables users to maintain and enhance data without depending on IT. They understand that every company has unique reporting needs, so they offer custom reports development at no extra cost. Customer benefits: no capital or people investment, fixed cost, short turn around, no system to manage, custom development.

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