Leaders: Born or Bred? By Curt Cuscino

Adam Torres and Curt Cuscino discuss what it takes to be a leader.

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Show Notes:

It’s an age old question, “Are leaders born or bred?” One thing is for certain, leaders are needed for businesses to grow and thrive. In this episode, Adam Torres and Curt Cuscino, Founder & CEO at HypeLife Brands and Author of Money Matters: World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Top Tips To Success (Business Leaders Vol.3), explore Curt’s views on leadership.

About Curt Cuscino 

In 2001, Curt founded HypeLife Brands (originally in his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri). HypeLife Brands is a progressive, hybrid startup studio meets brand+marketing agency, now headquartered in Southern California.

HypeLife Brands specializes in building, launching, and growing B2C lifestyle brands and startups, finely tuned for the ever-elusive Millennial generation. (Learn more about the agency and its select roster of clients at HypeLifeBrands.com)

Curt is also the Co-Founder & CEO of GoodFetch (goodfetch.com), a new insurance comparison shopping platform for consumers that solves a decades-old problem; enabling consumers to shop, compare from 20+ major carriers, and buy insurance in under 10 minutes from wherever they are, whenever they want.

About HypeLife Brands (SoCal)

A progressive brand development & precision marketing agency helping disruptive B2C startups and lifestyle brands engage Millennials.

Established in 2001, HypeLife is headquartered on the edge of Orange County and North San Diego, on the coastal edge of Oceanside, California. We  serve a select roster of clients throughout the U.S. that are dedicated to growth, and who value the idea that Millennials are quite literally, the Future of Everything.

You can call us: Strategists, Marketers, Brand Architects, Change Agents, Performance Marketing Junkies, Creatives, or something even bigger.

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