Leadership and Sales in Modern Times with Aggie DaSilva

Leadership and Sales in Modern Times with Aggie DaSilva.

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Show Notes:

Leadership is at the center of any great organization. Cultivating and training talent is vital to developing the next generation of leaders. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Aggie DaSilva, CEO at L&SA – Leadership & Sales Academy, explore what it takes to be a leader in modern times.

About Aggie DaSilva

Aggie DaSilva believes his experience and expertise in executive leadership coupled with his ability to provide exceptional strategic planning make him uniquely qualified for an executive management position. He is a hands-on leader who has played a major role in promoting the growth and profitability of every company for which he has worked.

Now, he would like to bring his skills and expertise to work for your company. It takes an innovative and visionary leader to successfully face the tremendous challenges confronting today’s B2B and international sales industries. Your ideal candidate must possess superior service expertise, exceptional organizational skills expertise and innovative problem-solving techniques in order to exceed client and company goals.

About L&SA – Leadership & Sales Academy

L&SA – Leadership & Sales Academy will always comment about two subjects that reflect our existence today and something we have become experts on, which are Leadership and Sales. Sometimes a company, even though it has a great product, does not understand why they are not selling if the product is good and they have a sales team that is not performing to the expectations. We go there and we tell them exactly what is the reason behind that low performance, through an in depth diagnosis. Because of so many years of experience in this area. We just happen to know and identify the reason why that is happening. We may not know about anything else, but about this, we will know how to help better than anybody else.

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