Leadership Behavior DNA: Discovering Natural Talents and Managing Differences with Hugh Massie

Adam Torres and Hugh Massie discuss leadership and decision making.

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Show Notes:

New book alert! In this episode, Adam Torres and Hugh Massie, Chairman & CEO at DNA Behavior, discuss Hugh’s new book Leadership Behavior DNA: Discovering Natural Talents and Managing Differences.

About Hugh Massie

Since 2001 as the Chairman and CEO of DNA Behavior International, I have been spending my time traveling the world empowering advisers and business leaders to discover how unknown behaviors which intensify through unmanaged differences, money attitudes, pressure and emotions derail performance.

I present to advisers, leaders and families globally on how to adopt an understanding people before numbers approach to making Behaviorally SMART decisions for accelerating human performance. Simultaneously, I am providing travel and adventure experiences for my family, with a global perspective.

My real-world practical applications of behavioral insights and the mastery of the energy of money, blended with strong financial skills, gives me the unique capability to design a variety of universally applicable human performance apps and serve as a corporate strategist, coach, mentor, trainer, board member, keynote speaker and author.

About DNA Behavior

Our Purpose: Guiding people to achieve greater self-empowerment so they make Behaviorally SMART decisions, accelerating performance in order to live a quality life with meaning.

Since 2001, DNA Behavior International has enabled human performance acceleration using its proprietary Financial DNA®, Business DNA® and Communication DNA® behavior tech platforms. We take an “Understanding People Before Numbers” approach to managing business and life, and power real-time management solutions through validated behavioral insights to connect, customize and accelerate human performance.

We guide people and businesses to make smart decisions, leveraging their strengths and managing their struggles. By deploying tech and data solutions directly inside businesses, we make validated behavioral data practical in order to “Know, Engage and Grow” every employee, advisor and client. This fosters client-centered, high-performance organizations.

Our theorem: Intensified behaviors caused by unmanaged human differences, pressure and emotions derail performance. A 2002 Harvard study shows 87% of business issues are communication-related, caused by behavioral differences. Thus, every interaction is an opportunity to adapt behavior. This necessitates understanding your natural “DNA” behavioral style and that of others. 

DNA Behavior tech platforms provide real insights for real results in real time: The first comprehensive behavioral tech and data platform with *validated* personality insights, addressing financial planning, organizational development, leadership, marketing relationships and a variety of life situations. 

Our technology is available to clients online; we do training and consulting, virtually and in-person. Some clients incorporate our apps into their own systems; we are the “behavioral chip” in their solutions. DNA Behavior solutions benefit 1 million+ people annually in 125 countries and 11 languages, including 2.5k+ businesses leaders and 20k+ financial advisors.

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