Leadership & Coaching For Women in the Early to Mid Career Stage with Gemma Toner

Adam Torres and Gemma Toner discuss how Tone Networks help women progress in their careers.

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Show Notes:

Career development is important. But some segments of the workforce are often neglected, such as women who are in the early to mid career stages of their careers. In this episode, Adam Torres and Gemma Toner, Founder & CEO at Tone Networks, explore the career development opportunities that Tone Networks provides to women through their online platform.

About Gemma Toner

Gemma Toner is the Founder & CEO of ChartOne Media, a SaaS platform and content company that is the parent company of TONE Networks. TONE is the first ever leadership platform designed for women, empowering them through short-form videos, live coaching, and a vibrant online community.

As a senior executive in the cable industry for over 20 years, Toner witnessed firsthand the powerful role that executive coaching and mentoring had in her career. She launched the subscription-based, short-form video and social network to democratize learning and development opportunities for women. TONE serves as a valuable resource that provides busy women with honest, practical information from highly sought-after, credentialed experts to help them grow personally and professionally, and help each other along the way.

Prior to founding TONE, Toner was SVP, Business Insights and Strategy at Cablevision Systems Corporation, leading enterprise-wide big data initiatives. During her tenure, she capitalized on the company’s pioneering spirit, running the fastest growing high speed ISP in the early days of high speed data, and creating an award-winning suite of products and first-to-market industry initiatives including Optimum Online, Optimum Wifi, Optimum Rewards, Optimum Voice, and Optimum Select (interactive advertising). Before Cablevision, Toner rose through the ranks at AMC Networks to become SVP, New Media Development. There, she led the development of new media and interactive opportunities, positioning the company to capitalize on emerging entertainment platforms. Toner began her career as an Auditor at Ernst and Whinney before moving to Rainbow Advertising Sales Company as an Account Executive.

A testament to her dedication to creating opportunities for others and advocating for women in the workplace, Toner has been an active participant in many professional organizations and associations throughout her career. She was a past Chairperson for the Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing and a past board member at Women in Cable Television, as well as a Wonder Woman and Tami recipient.

Toner is a Member of the Board of Concern Worldwide, an international humanitarian organization partnering with local communities to transform the lives of the world’s most vulnerable populations. Previously, she served on the Board of Directors for Sandvine and was also a member of the Board of Directors of Engagement Labs Inc.

Toner’s entrepreneurial nature combined with business acumen led to her being awarded two patents for set top box data products.

About Tone Networks

TONE Networks is a video-based learning and leadership development platform that empowers female employees through expert content, live coaching and a vibrant online community.  For businesses that want to develop and retain valuable talent to grow their bottom line, TONE offers a turnkey, scalable way to empower female employees.  

The carefully-curated content includes bite-sized videos featuring credentialed experts on topics like professional development, executive presence, finance,  mindfulness, and personal coaching.

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