Leadership During Periods of Uncertainty

Adam Torres and Ray Sclafani discuss leadership.

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Show Notes:

Every business cycle has it’s high and low points. But what happens when something takes place that is out of the norm? A new level of leadership is often needed to overcome the difficulty. In this episode, Adam Torres and  Ray Sclafani, PCC, Founder & CEO at ClientWise, explore leadership during uncertain times of volatility.

About ClientWise LLC

ClientWise is the premier business and executive coaching & consulting firm working exclusively with financial professionals. We specialize in helping clients optimize growth and maximize revenue by engaging as a knowledgeable partner in accomplishing specific & significant business results. Our coaching programs empower financial advisors, wholesalers, managers & executives to enhance performance through customized, action-oriented solutions based on each client’s specific vision & situation. Drawing from an in-depth knowledge of the financial industry, our mission is to professionally develop industry leaders and consistently raise the bar for industry service.

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