Leadership & The Competitive Edge During Unprecedented Times with Jeffrey Parnell

Adam Torres and Jeffrey Parnell explore FishUSA.

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Show Notes:

Navigating an uncertain business environment can be difficult even for the most experienced operators. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Jeffrey Parnell, President & CEO at FishUSA, Inc., explore the FishUSA story and lessons that can be learned from it’s growth.

About Jeffrey Parnell

Jeffrey’s passion is growing e-commerce and omnichannel businesses, and he is blessed to be CEO of FishUSA, Inc., a dynamic omnichannel retailer of fishing tackle and accessories with a proud history of merchandising excellence, outstanding customer service, and growth. Prior to joining the outstanding team at FishUSA, he led a technology startup incubator, mentored more than 40 companies, performed interim executive or consulting work (two very different approaches), and drove two companies to significant growth and profitability. The latter included a public company e-commerce business that his team and he grew from 0 – $100M and a catalog and e-commerce retail business that quadrupled in growth to $80M. He has also repositioned struggling businesses to achieve greater focus, improved EBITDA, and a stronger competitive edge.

His 25+ years of C-level experience includes a range of industries including catalogs, online retail, sporting goods, apparel, automotive, gifts, financial services, manufacturing, and technology. Key areas of focus include revenue acceleration, operating efficiency, private equity and investor partnerships, management development, and team-building. From time to time, he enjoys tweeting about their journey at FishUSA and other developments relating to retail, marketing, business building, M&A, equity investment, ECU football, life, and more (@JHPDirect).

About FishUSA, Inc.

They offer an extensive choice of popular and specialized fishing products, competitive prices, fast delivery, fair shipping charges, and superior customer service. Their employees are avid anglers dedicated to serving their customers. They are committed to the fishing industry and support organizations that enhance and promote fishing opportunities for everyone. Founded in a garage in 2000, FishUSA was one of the first pure online retailers of fishing tackle.

Driven by continuous growth, FishUSA is now in its fifth and largest facility located in Fairview, Pennsylvania, near Erie, in the heart of “steelhead alley,” and just minutes from the shores of Lake Erie. FishUSA is owned by FishUSA, Inc., a privately-held company.

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