Learning about Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Adam Torres and Joshua Freedman discuss emotional intelligence. 

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Show Notes:

Six Seconds has a presence in over 150 countries and has developed over half a million in-depth and validated EQ assessments. The assessments have helped over 7.5 million people worldwide practice emotional intelligence. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Joshua Freedman, Co-founder and CEO of Six Seconds, explore the Six Seconds story and how it’s helping people improve performance, relationships and their quality of life. 

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About Six Seconds

Supporting people EVERYWHERE to grow and practice emotional intelligence.

Six Seconds was established in 1997 in California, we are now a global nonprofit with offices and representatives in 25 countries, sharing EQ tools and methods in over 200 countries.  The members of our network serve in every sector of society engaging people to develop and use emotional intelligence to increase insight, connection, and purpose.

They research and share best practices to make emotional intelligence practical. Using powerful tools and a robust methodology, they work with people who work with people, all of us committed to growing from the inside out. Over the last 20 years, they have supported effective implementation with clients from Fortune 50 (e.g, FedEx, HSBC) to government and NGO (UN, US Navy) to schools and communities around the globe.