Learning to live with “grace and empathy”

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In this week’s episode of Fostering Change, Rob Scheer talks with Marpheen Chan,  Author of “Moon in Full: A Modern Coming of Age Story”. Mapheen is an advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  As a gay, first-generation Asian American born in California to a Cambodian refugee family and later adopted by an evangelical, white working-class family in Maine, Marpheen uses a mix of humor and storytelling to help people view topics such as racism, xenophobia, and homophobia through an intersectional lens.

Watch Full Interview:

Story Key Notes:

🖐️ Why write a book and what was the process like?

🖐️ What would you like our audience to walk away with from your book? 

🖐️ What is some of your advice to foster and adoptive parents?

You can find out more about Marpheen by visiting:

Website: www.marpheenchann.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/marpheenchann

Instagram: Instagram.com/marpheenchann

Twitter: Twitter.com/marpheenchann

Learn more at https://www.comfortcases.org/