Lee Murphy on Supporting Employees With Multiple Chronic Health Conditions

Lee Murphy, Founder & CEO of Inspera Health, was interviewed by host Adam Torres on the Mission Matters Innovation Podcast.

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In this interview, Lee Murphy talks about how Inspera Health supports employees with multiple chronic conditions.

What mission matters to you?

Murphy says he’s committed to spending the rest of his life deepening his capacity to love and serve, doing his part making the planet a better place. Inspera Health embodies this commitment, he explains, by believing in humans’ capacity for change—and, specifically, by envisioning a future with improved health for people with multiple chronic conditions. Through Inspera Health’s compassionate approach, the company creates spaces where people are seen as unique, special, and whole individuals rather than as a combination of their medical conditions.

How did you get started on this path?

Murphy was working at an employee benefits consulting firm where the data reflected a small percentage of people accounting for a large percentage of costs. The group included people with multiple chronic conditions, and Murphy notes that the data could predict who would have multiple chronic medical conditions in the next 5 years. “After spending 10-15 years trying to figure out how to address that group, Inspera Health was born,” he says. “It stemmed from the thought that, if we can identify that group, how can we change their lives?”

When asked why the company focuses on a grouping of five or more chronic health conditions, he says data suggests an inflection point in  cost increase happens between  three and four conditions; above five, he notes, is the point where the costs grow exorbitant. The program aims to improve conditions that can be impacted by lifestyle changes, including obesity, hypertension, chronic joint pain, depression, diabetes, anxiety, and asthma. 

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Tell us what happens when someone engages with your programs. 

“The journey typically begins with the employer contracting us and we become part of their health plan,” Murphy says. “Once we have the data we can identify who has multiple chronic medical conditions that can be transformed with behavior changes  and we send them an invitation in the mail and follow up by phone. They respond when they are ready for change. People also come to us through referrals from our current or previous program participants.” 

“When you join the program, you start with online intake but go on to meet a health improvement coach for an hour to ninety minutes,” he continues. “You then meet with a behavioral clinician, which is a separate intake assessment. The program is completely customized and focuses on you, your needs, your vision, your values, your challenges, and your capacity to engage with the change at the moment.” 

Of Inspera Health’s overarching approach, he says, “We focus on one-on-one interaction and help you with your overall plan, from nutrition to fitness to mental health to finance in the window of 15 months to two years.”

How do employers benefit from your program?

Inspera Health is industry-agnostic, Murphy explains, employers that get the most value out of the program are those with 1000 employees or more.

In terms of quantifiable outcomes, he says, Inspera Health guarantees at least 30% health improvement across 11 transparent and auditable metrics, and similarly, it guarantees a reduction in healthcare spending by 30%. More importantly, he says, it impacts and enhances employees’ abilities to engage and be more productive—not just in the workplace, but also in their personal lives and communities. 

To learn more about Inspera Health, reach out to Lee Murphy on LinkedIn or visit insperahealth.com