Leslie Ferry Explains How Brize is Empowering Individuals to Achieve Career Happiness & Success

Leslie Ferry, Founder, Brize, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Innovation Podcast by Adam Torres.

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Driven by her mission to help individuals achieve their definition of career success, Leslie Ferry, Founder of Brize, explains how Brize debunks the belief that our natural intelligence and technical expertise determine career success and happiness. She clarifies that over 100-years of research reveals it is our soft, or as she likes to call them, career success, skills competency that helps lower stress and anxiety and leads to greater job satisfaction.

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Launch of the Company

In the words of Leslie, the realization of Brize aligned more with her career journey than an in-the-moment frustration that needed fixing like many other startups.

Leslie shares how her opportunity to work with a career coach led her to found Brize so everyone can experience similar revelations about how to be more productive and happier at work. Brize helps individuals strengthen their self-awareness, identify their co-workers’ work styles and unique characteristics to increase awareness of their colleagues, and demonstrates how this knowledge leads to career empowerment.

Brize enables career happiness and success by focusing on 16 specific skills categorized as strategic thinking, collaborative behaviors, and positive mindsets.

 Leslie goes on to explain how the knowledge economy is elevating the need for high competency in these skills. As more repetitive tasks and jobs are replaced by automation, robotics, and AI, businesses look to their employees for innovative ideas, creative solutions to problems, and new growth opportunities.

“The future of work is not about doing but about thinking, collaborating, and achieving possibilities,” said Leslie. “We are equipping individuals with the skills that help them succeed today and in the future.” 

The Podcast

Leslie is also the Bright & Wize podcast host, where she and her guests share stories that demonstrate the power and benefits of well-developed soft, career success skills.

“Hearing stories of how people have overcome adversity is always inspiring,” added Leslie. “The conversations on Bright & Wize illustrate how well-developed soft skills lead to meaningful work relationships and  achievements and opportunities never imagined.”


Brize is a career empowerment app that guides individuals to greater self-awareness and ignites their professional success. Brize combines behavioral science-powered educational content and development exercises to help users assess their current competencies and traits and further develop those that need strengthening. Brize is on a mission to help every individual achieve their definition of career success and lower unnecessary work stress and anxiety.

Visit Brize here to learn more about their approach and to get your hands on the app.