Lessons on Money and Fear with Julie Murphy

Adam Torres and Julie Murphy discuss having a healthy relationship with money.

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Show Notes:

A healthy relationship with money is vital to long term success. Do you have a healthy relationship, or are you plagued by fear? In this episode, Adam Torres and Julie Murphy, CFP®, President of JMC Wealth and Author of Awaken Your Wealth: Creating a PACT to OPTIMIZE YOUR MONEY and YOUR LIFE, explore how to maintain a healthy relationship with money.

About Julie Murphy

Julie Murphy CLU, ChFC, CFP® is an independent CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and the author of Awaken Your Wealth: Creating a PACT to Optimize Your Money and Your Life and The Emotion Behind Money: Building Wealth From The Inside Out. A 24-year veteran of the financial services industry with her own wealth management firm in Chicago, Illinois, Julie’s mission is to financially heal the world.

Julie is different from other authors and financial planners because she’s the bridge between the left-brained financial side and the right-brained emotional side. People refer to her as a financial therapist/healer.

Julie helps people remove the blame, shame, guilt and judgment they have around their finances. People know they have done things wrong financially and they want solutions. Julie brings them the solutions they need and leads them to transformational change.

Julie has made this her life’s work because she’s been there too. The second oldest of 12 children, Julie grew up in a household where scarcity was the norm. Her first job was at age six delivering The Penny Saver to help support the family. As Julie grew up, she started re-creating the same cycle of scarcity and struggle in her own life until she realized she could not and did not want to live her life that way. She analyzed her own spending habits, created a financial and life plan and started living a life of abundance.

Today Julie is the owner of a successful business serving well over 2500 clients and fulfilling her life’s purpose. Julie is a sought -after media expert on financial issues, especially regarding the emotional connection to money. She’s appeared on CNBC-TV, Lifetime TV, Oprah & Friends Radio, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes.com, Reuters.com, The Chicago Tribune, Associated Press and more.

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About JMC Wealth Management, Inc.

JMC Wealth Management, Inc. is a Chicago Area Independent Wealth Management firm assisting clients in applying personal strategies and goals to their financial planning needs.  We look at the areas that are not providing satisfaction in our clients’ lives and see how financial planning can relieve this unease.

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