Lex Fori Legal Network with Leslie Valentino-Montero

Adam Torres and Leslie Valentino-Montero discuss Lex Fori Legal Network.

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Show Notes:

Lex Fori Legal Network is helping car accident victims with legal representation. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Leslie Valentino-Montero, CEO at Lex Fori Legal Network, explore Leslie’s entrepreneurial journey and how she is helping her clients.      

About Leslie Valentino-Montero

Leslie Valentino-Montero is the Founder of Lex Fori Legal Network, executive with over 10 years of highly diversified experience in development, executive operations, sales, management and brand marketing. Worked as a Dynamic Manager for one of the most prominent Personal Injury Law Firms in San Fernando Valley. Adept at cultivating, managing and leveraging relationships with clients, doctors and strategic business partners.

Exceptional planning and implementation capabilities. Experienced in establishing community relations with deep understanding of market trends. Forecast future trends and orient strategies to capture maximum benefits. Improve the bottom line by ensuring the thorough analysis of potential cases and closing deals.

About Lex Fori Legal Network

Lex Fori Legal Network is the legal network that people trust to find reputable attorneys in 8 areas of law, they are all experienced in the appropriate field of law and are members of the state bar in good standing.

Lex Fori Legal Network honors and promises to make sure your case is handled with the utmost intregrity, honesty and diligence.