LIFE Intelligence App Launches to Put Rigor in Wellness with Jasmine Chen

Adam Torres and Jasmine Chen discuss the LIFE Intelligence app.

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Show Notes:

The LIFE Intelligence app aims to change the way individuals view wellness apps. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Jasmine Chen, Founder & CEO at LIFE Intelligence, explore what makes the LIFE Intelligence app stick out from the competition and how it’s users are benefiting from the unique design.

About LIFE Intelligence

Live intelligently. LIFE Intelligence is a scientific guide to yourself, career, and relationships. Likened by users to a “DIY” coach, therapist, and relationship counselor in one, LIFE’s comprehensive program takes users through a journey of deep self-awareness: to manage stress and anxiety, find work fulfillment, and build lasting relationships. Digitized, just-in-time exercises also offer immediate point-solutions, whether for indecision, frustration, anxiety, conflicts, communication gaps, or more.

Practical, efficient, and backed entirely by cited academic studies, LIFE aims to put rigor in wellness: so they can analyze, understand, and manage their values and motivations with the same level of scrutiny they give financial investments.

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