Lifejoin Plans Launch with Langston Richardson

Adam Torres and Langston Richardson discuss the upcoming Lifejoin launch.

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Show Notes:

New startup alert! In this episode,  Adam Torres and Langston Richardson, Founder and CEO at Lifejoin, explore the upcoming Lifejoin launch.

About Langston Richardson

An innovation leader in customer experience, product design and technology, marketing, and branding throughout his 30 year career, Lang has helped build exciting products, devised effective campaigns and uncovered behavioral insights for companies, public institutions and people across the world.

About Lifejoin

Lifejoin is a startup dedicated to research, development and production of technologies that harmonize the relationships between humanity and technology. With recent advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, the founders of Lifejoin saw an opportunity to solve a key challenge that AI itself is driving: the transformation of work.

Coming out the conceptual models with several of their past colleagues/current advisors in various fields of brand marketing, psychology, operations and technology, LifeJoin was started in 2016. Over the next year, as the foundation of the company solidified and value offerings in AI, people and work were debated, refined, prototyped, reevaluated and further refined, they developed the Sherpa.AI Platform, a cognitive computing architecture that provides the foundation for an entirely new possibly of personalize conversational customer experiences across an entire range of human activity, primarily focused on leading the harmonious transformation of people and work.

A machine learning and human awareness synthesis. Our approach to AI investigates aspects of machine learning, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, human psychology and group/organizational dynamics that has the promise of greatly augmenting human activity across individuals, teams, groups, companies and societies. A versatile, API Rich AI platform, innovative products that leverage the promise of the platform, investor opportunities for both private and public sectors, and an amazing vision of a future.

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