Lindsay Nevin Creates Authentic Places with The Flyway Companies

Lindsay Nevin, the CEO & Founder of The Flyway Companies, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast.

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In this interview with Adam Torres on Mission Matters, Lindsay Nevin talks about his mission to create authentic places supported by the community and people.

What mission matters to you?

Lindsay says the mission of The Flyway Companies is to create high quality, authentic places. At the onset of each project, thoughtful planning with community partners is key. It ensures not only that we create great places with a positive impact on the community, but that they will stand the test of time. 

What’s the Charleston market like?

According to Lindsay, the Charleston market is a robust secondary market in the Southeast. It has serene landscapes and beautiful beaches, he explains, and adds it has an incredible quality of life along with a strong job market and a rich sense of history.  Since the mid 1980s, the hospitality sector in Charleston has grown significantly followed by  recent growth in the residential, office, industrial, and  manufacturing sectors.   As a result, the city’s population is estimated to reach the 1 million mark by 2030. 

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The idea behind The Flyway Companies 

The organization, consisting of four companies,  started in 2008 as a general contracting company in Charleston and has expanded to include development, property management and real estate companies over time.  Their primary niche  is in urban fill and adaptive reuse development work, with added involvement in  property management and real estate brokerage.   

What makes The Flyway Companies stand out from their competitors, Lindsay says, is the team’s interdisciplinary understanding of each project and their ability to work accordingly; they plan everything strategically and draw upon their steep experience in historic preservation and adaptive reuse work. They take the time to understand every aspect and complexity of the development  process before beginning the work, a practice which he says has proven to be a key to success.

The art and business of transforming spaces

The projects that The Flyway Companies take on typically start with the restoration of a  historic structure.  In many cases there is additional ground up development opportunity on old urban infill sites.   They’ve successfully renovated an oil refinery site.Such projects require an understanding of many regulatory issues and formalities beyond the onsite work itself, he says. The company focuses on areas within high growth urban corridors , with creative planning separating them from the competition. 

What’s next for The Flyway Companies?

One of the organization’s most significant projects to date, Lindsay says, has been the renovation and infill development of The Refinery site he discusses during the episode. They’ve renovated and remediated the  entire industrial complex site into a work-play mixed-use development that includes  a 1,500-person amphitheater—the first outdoor venue on the Charleston peninsula.  The amphitheater will open this spring.

More about the The Flyway Companies

The Flyway Companies are involved in numerous aspects of the construction and real estate industry. The organization consists of development, construction, real estate brokerage, and property management companies. Together, The Flyway Companies  understand the needs of various Southeastern markets, including Charleston, and capitalize on the ability to self manage a diverse portfolio of real estate services. Its innovative development and construction teams continue to seek quality projects and clients that want to add value to their homes, investments, and communities 

How to connect with The Flyway Companies

To learn more about the companies and their projects, visit www. Flywaysc.com or email [email protected]