LinkedIn Personal Brand Strategy with Marisa Cali

Adam Torres and Marisa Cali discuss LinkedIn strategies.

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Show Notes:

LinkedIn has become a powerhouse for business owners looking to expand their networks. But many are still not using the platform’s full potential. In this episode, Adam Torres and Marisa Cali, Founder & Chief Amazement Officer at AllTheSocial.com, explore the benefits of having a great LinkedIn strategy in place.

About All The Social

Are you tired of swapping a lot of time without having a clear direction when it comes to LinkedIn marketing? Our big-picture approach and skill set is a combination of heart and a whole lot of brains so that your business will benefit. We love data, we love tech and we love staying on top of the latest content trends to keep your business growing. Your business is important to you and you’ve been juggling everything from the start. The investment you make in your online presence all starts with a process. Our 4-step process involves research, strategy, implementation and analysis.


As a CEO, you know you need to have an online presence, build relationships and get your customers to trust you. Our 4-step process is where we will learn how to define your online identity, discover what content will be impactful in your business, build out a process for consistency, brainstorm how to educate and spread value with various types of mixed media including social video, build trust and leverage the digital space to help you develop long-term business relationships. Our 4-step process integrates research, strategy, implementation, and analysis so that you get ROI out of your marketing efforts.

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