Lisa Williams Launches the Dream Big Nation Podcast

Adam Torres and Lisa Williams discuss Lisa’s podcast.

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Show Notes:

New podcast alert! In this episode,  Adam Torres and Lisa Williams, Chief Inspiration Officer at Lisa Williams Co. and Host of the Dream Big Nation Podcast, explore the Dream Big Nation Podcast.

About Lisa Williams

She’s been blessed with a lucrative career in recruiting for over 25 years. She loves what she does. After years of market ups and downs however, she found her learning curve had waned and she was feeling less joy in her day to day life. The politics of corporate life got more complex. More importantly, the clients she was serving started asking “is this all I am meant to do?” She wanted to offer more than just a job.

She took the advice she had given countless others and went on a journey to find her passion and discovered her gift is helping people, “HIRE THEMSELVES!”

Their program is a self-guided 8 week journey in which we aid people in the fundamentals of business ownership. What do they cover: They start by understanding where you are today. Her experience is IMPERATIVE to start with a true picture of where you are today and getting very clear on where you want to go to achieve success. They represent several business pursuits that all provide products or services the consumer wants and needs. With a persistent and consistent plan of attack, that they help you create, your business can be built from home with a computer and a phone on a part-time basis. Her passion is financial education and that topic and business will always be at the core of everything they teach. Financial wellness is key to success in any business. It also happens to be the most lucrative business in the world in a time where the demand is at the highest and supply is at the lowest. That gets her excited as a recruiter!

On a personal note, she was born and raised in Alaska, and has 3 amazing kids that she raised with her hubby Paul and our blended family co-parents. One of her “whys” is that her children will never have an employee mindset, will be life-long learners and continue to find the next version of them. Their firm is dedicated to the memory of her mom, Sue Wiese, and her dearest friend Elizabeth Meier who she lost in the span of 10 months. They lived their lives with purpose, a heart for serving others and were lifelong learners until the day they went to heaven. She is making sure that she lives the rest of her life with intention, purpose and discovery. She will grow into the women she was meant to become and her prayer is that their company can help others do the same! 

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